Steam Fitter in Stoughton Mass.

Plumbers, Steamfitters, Pipefitters… What’s the difference?

Plumbers typically work on servicing drinking water and sewer and drain systems for homes and business.  Pipefitters and Steamfitters on the otherhand usually specialize in working with Industrial plumbing and gas systems that are running under very high pressures.  

Steamfitting and Pipefitting Services:

  • High Pressure Steam Fitting
  • High Pressure Pipe Fitting
  • Heating Systems
  • Industrial Piping Systems
  • Oxygen and Gas Piping
  • Steam Piping Systems

Dowd Plumbing LLC employs licensed and experienced steamfitters with many years of experience working on and around industrial or institutional plumbing systems.  If you are looking for a plumbing contractor who can offer high quality, steamfitting and pipefitting services for your next construction project than give Dowd Plumbing LLC a call today.