Green Plumbing Contractor in Stoughton Mass.

Green Plumbing is the practice of installing appliances in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room that are more energy efficient and consume less water.  Dowd Plumbing LLC is a “Green Plumbing” contractor and we have several solutions that can help you use less energy and less water with your home or building.

Some energy saving solutions are obvious such as installing low-flow shower heads and water saving faucets, efficient toilets or even turning down the hot water heater temperature slightly.  An even better solution would be to consider the installation of a new tankless hot water heating system.  They heat your water on demand, so you don’t waste energy keeping water hot for when you need it.

Thanks to a growing trend for Green Plumbing practices, plumbing equipment manufacturers are developing new energy and water saving products all the time and this technology is affordable for all homeowners.

Green Plumbing Solutions We Offer:

  • Solar Hot Water Systems.
  • Water Saving Toilet Installations.
  • Low Flow Faucets and Shower Heads.
  • Geo Thermal Heating Systems.
  • Tankless Water Heaters (or Hybrids)
  • & More…

If the energy consumption of your home or business is a concern to you, then give Dowd Plumbing LLC a call today and schedule your Green Plumbing Audit.  We’ll have a quick look at the plumbing and gas systems in your home and come back with several recommendations and solutions to reduce your utility costs and reduce your footprint on the environment.

We understand you have many choices when it comes to choosing a Green Plumber in the Greater Boston area.  We just want you to know that when you choose Dowd Plumbing LLC you are supporting a small, family-owned local plumbing services business.  We’re big enough to solve your plumbing problems quickly and for a very fair price and we’re still small enough to care about every individual customer so you are completely satisfied with our services.